More than a game

More than a game

Playing DOIMY is a fun and social way of training attention, concentration and working memory. Older kids love the whole process of taking and choosing pictures, printing and mounting them on for example cardboard or whatever material you can think of. They take pride when the whole family play the game that THEY created themselves.

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Progression with DOIMY

The DOIMY-app lets you create Memory Games from 6 to 60 cards in size. This means that you can use the app for many years as your kids grow and need more challenging memory training.

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DIY Memory Game Progression

Print, Cut & Play! DIY Memory Game.

Print, Cut & Play!

Creating your very own Memory Game is easy. First choose the size of your game. Then select pictures from your iPhone or iPad. The memory game is sent to your email or accessed directly from the DOIMY-app. Then all you have to do is Print, Cut & Play!

DOIMY Memory Game App
1. Select number of cards
DOIMY Memory Game App
2. Select photos
DOIMY Memory Game App
    3. Print, Cut & Play!

More on Memory game crafting with the DOIMY App

Rules for playing DIY Memory Game

Standard rules: 1) One person shuffles and places the cards with the backside up on the table or on the floor. 2) The next person turns two cards face up. If they are the same the person keeps the cards and get one point.

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Working Memory is Vital to Child Development

“Working memory” is the memory that a person can retain in one’s mind at an instance. An example would be the name of someone you just met. People can hold around four different items in their working memory.

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Family Bonding and Off Screen Time

Parents need to learn to slow down in order to keep the family happy. A family gathering is one way to enjoy quality time with one another. They should learn to slow down and create some off screen time for the kids.

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How to Make Your Own DIY Memory Game

A family that plays together stays together. Parents can bond with their children while having fun with card games. There are many games on the market, but it would be better if your family makes your DIY memory game.

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  • Creative and fun for the whole family! - Dan, 37

  • I Want to play more! - Amy, 3

  • It is fun to cut these! - Agnes, 5

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Easily create your own memory game:
1. Select number of game cards
2. Select pictures from your iPhone
3. Print, cut and play!

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